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Creative Lighting Solutions for Your Garage

April 1, 2018 Margo Wahl 0

The garage is almost like a second home. In it, you keep your cars, your tools, and maybe even that old dusty drum kit. And for those of us who are more mechanically inclined, it can be the place wherein you work on your pet projects. Regardless of how handy you are, we can all agree that a garage fills an important need in your life. So it should go without saying that your garage needs the same tender loving care that you give to the rest of the house. And what could be a better place to start than the lights, the thing that keeps your likely windowless space bright and visible. Here we’ve highlighted some things to consider when planning the perfect lighting solution for your garage.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of LED 

The jury is out, and LED bulbs are the new standard in lighting. Compared to older halogen bulbs, LED technology will allow to see whatever it is you’re working on––be it your vehicle or some other projects––in fully accurate color, not to mention the lumen power of these bulbs. Not only are LED bulbs brighter than either fluorescent or halogen light sources, but they also are significantly more energy efficient. The future is both a brighter and greener place.

Motion Sensors are Your Friend 

Gone are the days in which you had to pull into a pitch black garage and fumble with your belongings as you reach into the darkness, searching for the string to turn on your light. With modern motion sensor technology, there are all sorts of options that can allow you to light up your garage without having to lift a finger. Some lights can be activated through movement while others can function via a sensor placed either on your windshield or sun visor. When trying to decide which option will best suit your needs, consider the ways in which you use your garage. Firstly, is your garage where you keep your car, or is it primarily for storage? If your garage is in fact the home of your vehicle, you might also want to consider the features offered by your car. Certain cars come factory ready with software that can easily sync up to various lighting fixtures. Be sure to consult your manual and even your mechanic to learn which features might be sitting right under your nose.

Brighter is Not Always Better 

Many assume––and who can blame them––that the quality of a garage lighting solution is based solely on the brightness; however, this is not always the case. Depending on what you hope to get out of your garage, a less powerful option might not only be cheaper, but it could also be more practical. Brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen count the brighter the light. Although garage lighting can run upwards of 8.000 lumens, this level of brightness can cause some harsh reflection if not prepared for properly. Consider something smaller in the 4,000 lumen territory. Unless you plan to undertake some heavy duty projects, this should more than suffice for your needs.…